USB Cable Digital Voice Recorder is a fully functional USB charging cable that will charge your phone and also has a hidden audio recorder / microphone on the larger USB end. Just insert a Micro SD card into the hidden port and plug the device in. It records continously until the Micro SD Card fills up. It will hold 15 hours of audio per 1GB of storage. A 32GB Micro SD card can hold 480 hours of audio! That's a full 20 days worth of audio recordings.



1. Product has an iPhone lightning interface and will charge an iPhone or iPad
2. Supports 128Kbps MP3 Voice files
3. Supports 4GB to 32GB Micro SD Cards,(An 8GB card is included!)
4. Power by a 5v charger (INCLUDED) or Power bank

5. Includes a Micro SD Card Reader also

USB Cable Voice Recorder - iPhone / iPad

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$89.95Sale Price