Wow! LawMate has done it again. This normal looking TV remote has a secret! It houses a Body Heat activated hidden camera! With 1080p resolution and PIR (Body Heat Detection) sensor for quick activation recording this TV Remote DVR is the coolest hidden camera we have seen in a while. Packed with versatile features on the inside, it's ordinary enough on the outside that no one will suspect it's really a full HD camera with a built-in DVR.




This TV Remote Hidden Camera Turns Up The Volume On Protection!!!                                                                            

  • Never worry about your recordings. Recordings will be automatically saved if the TV Remote DVR runs out of battery power.
  • High Resolution 1280x1080p
  • 66° Angle of View  to capture almost any event
  • PIR (body heat) triggered recording to eliminate false recordings 
  • Time and Date Stamp Overlay on the video for evidence recording
  • The TV Remote camera is completely portable, move from room to room or place to place and no one will ever be the wiser
  • Download the video to your PC or Mac to see recorded video or snapshots
  • Up to 8 Days of standby battery life
  • Up to 3 Hours of continuous recording battery life
  • LawMate part number PV-RC10FHD

TV Remote Hidden Camera - LawMate

$295.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
    • Non- Functional Remote Control Hidden Camera
    • Battery Stand by up to 9 Days
    • Highly concealed lens – Ideal for Indoor surveillance
    • File Type .MOV, JPG
    • 3.3 Lux F2.0
    • 1/3” CMOS Camera Sensor
    • 1920 x1080 or 1280x720 Video resolution, 30fps
    • PIR motion recording for auto monitoring with less than 2 sec start up
    • Time and Date Stamp
    • Micro SDHC card up to 32GB (Not Included)