PERFECT FOR THE FLORIDA HURRICANE SEASON! Solar Wind Up Radio can be wound up or placed directly in sunlight for charging, which can last up to 7 hours when fully charged. The radio will receive both AM/FM and weather band frequency and features tuner dial, antenna, earplug port. This device is great for the outdoors or for emergency situations.


It is a small cube radio that recharges in sunlight or by winding up the crank lever. It has a small speaker, but the sound is not tinny. The controls are easy to reach and use dials. One minute of cranking = 20-minutes of radio power and fully charged it lasts about 7-hours, however 5-hours of solar charging only = 30-minutes of radio time. Turned off it holds a charge for weeks, so leave it in sunlight when not in use to keep the battery charged. 

Solar / Wind-Up AM/FM Weather Band Radio