Exclusively from EDUCATED APE SPY PRODUCTS, our Smokeless Tobacco Can Hidden Camera P2P is a unique covert camera adaptable to multiple applications. Perfect for P.I’s and Police Detectives when obtaining video evidence without detection is critical. It can easily be used in a vehicle, home, workplace or held in the hands while filming high definition video in 720p HD at 30 frames per second. It also embeds the date and time stamp right on the video for evidence purposes. With the P2P HotSpot*, you can connect your phone directly to the camera so you can check your angles, adjust the camera's settings and even download video to your device. 




1080P/720P Mini P2P Wifi Camera is perfect for undercover operations in or around a  vehicle or while handheld. HotSpot allows viewing while within range of camera.


Camera streams via P2P Wi-Fi at 1080P resolution. Records to Micro SD card in 720P HD resolution.


P2P WIFI Antenna Pinhole Camera

*P2P Based Wifi HotSpot* (See below) 

*Motion Detection, Video Record with Audio 

*1080P, 720P, 640P

*90 Degree field of view

*530mAh Battery, 1.5 Hours Battery Life 

*Max support 128GB Micro SD Card (8GB SD Card Incl)

*Replay system: Windows, XP, Mac, Linux, VLC Media Player


*NOTE: This is a P2P based Wi-Fi HotSpot device. It is not standard Wi-Fi. You cannot view it remotely on your phone unless you are within 40-50 feet of the device or closer. As long as you are within range of the device, you can view footage live, download videos saved to the device and adjust controls for the camera such as Motion Detection or Continuous Recording, etc... Once you leave the location where the camera is located, you will not be able to live view the camera feed. This device is designed for close range viewing and is best suited for Private Investigators, Law Enforcement Investigators, Journalists, etc...


NOTE: An 8GB Micro SD Card is included. This camera will not function without a Micro SD Memory Card. Because it records in HD video, we recommend a Class 10 Micro SD Card. You may wish to add a larger SD card at checkout. The larger the SD Card, the more video that can be stored / saved. We only provide high quality Class 10 SD Cards.

Smokeless Tobacco Can Hidden Camera - P2P HotSpot

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