The new generation of a spy watch camera is all wrapped in a smart watch. This watch cam is packed full of features. The camera will zoom in so you can get the evidence you need with just a single touch of your smart watch screen. Fully functional with Android device via bluetooth.

Record video or capture still shots covertly with just a swipe of the screen.

Smart Watch Spy Camera

  • *Very covert because it is a fully functioning smart watch
    *Great body worn camera
    *Work with your Android device or as a stand alone device
    *Long battery life
    *Camera and Video recorder
    *8 GB memory built in
    *Add additional memory using a memory card up to 32GB
    *This spy watch also doubles as a voice recorder; great for any personal notes you need to record on the go
    *The perfect device for your surveillance arsenal
    Some usage could be: Private Investigators, under cover police operations, record meeting or notes on the go, capture important events, great for travel and secret shoppers.