It's the Slap Jack! A favorite of security and officers for generations, this beavertail sap is made from heavily-stitched black leather, the secret to this self-defense weapon is a dense lead weight embedded within. The 2.5" width means that this blackjack will deliver quite a bit of pain to your target without breaking bones. You're trying to stop an attacker, not maim them.

The flat sap is easy to carry in your pocket and the pliable leather not only gives your attacks a whip-like action, but the loud slapping noise when you make contact is sure to dissuade additional attackers who might be hiding in the shadows, thinking they can take you.

Easy to use and easy to conceal, the leather slap jack is the perfect bludgeoning weapon for personal defense, even for your average law abiding citizen.


- Heavy-stitched leather design

- Stun your attacker

- Heavy Lead weight

- Easily concealed

- Slapper has a loop handle for a sure grip

- Length: 8.5" 

 - Weight: 7oz (approx)


RESTRICTED SHIPPING! - Cannot be shipped to CA, MA, NJ, NY or PA. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.

SLAP-JACK Leather Sap Weapon