InSite® Semen Detection Kit - For private investigation of sexual activity.


-Is she cheating?
Do you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful?  If so, the InSite® Semen Detection Kit can provide evidence of her infidelity.  This kit has two components:  acid phosphatase (AP) test strips and prostate specific antigen (PSA) test strips, which work together to provide evidence of semen on a woman's undergarment.


This kit is designed to be easy to use and yields instant results with the AP test strips, or results after 10 minutes with the more sensitive PSA test.  It will detect traces of semen on a woman's undergarment which has been discharged after sexual intercourse, and up to 36 hours later.


Description of the kit:
The InSite Semen Detection Kit contains 15 AP test strips in a resealable pouch with desiccant, 10 PSA test strips in sealed individual pouches and a 5-mL dropper.  The AP strips can detect semen down to a 1/2000 dilution, while the PSA strips can detect semen to a 1/500,000 dilution.  The kit is designed to be used by men who suspect their spouse may be engaged in sexual activity outside of their relationship. It also can be used by professional investigators, and parents concerned about whether their teenage daughters are sexually active.  


**How does this kit compare with other test kits on the market?

The InSite® semen detection kit has 25 test strips and is designed for long-term surveillance, since sometimes it takes awhile to catch adulteresses.  Most other kits on the market have one or two test elements, and are designed for short-term use.  In addition, the InSite kit is unique in that it has two kinds of test strips: AP and PSA.  In case of a strong stain, both tests will be strongly positive and will provide the investigator with a more certain conclusion that the item being tested does in fact contain semen.  The AP strips are designed for quick field use, and only require the investigator to press the test paper against a moist stain, with results appearing in 15 sec.  These strips also have a peel-off adhesive backing, and conveniently can be affixed to a notebook for permanent record-keeping.  Finally, the PSA test procedure has been simplified so that the home user simply extracts the item to be tested in a coffee cup, and then inserts a test strip into the cup with no laboratory required.

**Will the AP test strips leave stains?

There is a possibility the azo dyestuff in the AP test strip will stain a test garment.  Therefore, if you are concerned about this, you should first wet the garment with a few drops of water, press a cotton-tipped swab against the wetted area and then press the swab against the AP strip. This method ensures your spouse will not be any wiser to the fact you are testing her garments.

**Can this kit be used to test a man?

The InSite kit will identify semen stains on garments and other fabrics, including men's underwear.  However, there are many legitimate reasons why a man would have such stains on his undergarment--for example, nocturnal emissions.  Therefore, we question whether any inference of infidelity can be drawn solely from the presence of semen stains on the undergarment of a man.  Such evidence must be combined with other data, such as direct surveillance, in order to reach a meaningful conclusion.





Semen Detection Kit

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