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Florida License A2200315

720P high quality mini dvr spy pen camera with low price. Pen spy camera is Black with Silver accents. Metal construction.




This is not simply an ordinary pen, this is certainly a spy pen! Our item is used by lawyers, personal investigators, police, students, office workers, spouses, etc. 

This spy camera pen has an HD digital camera with an integral DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which can capture high definition pictures and videos.

This Pen Camera records video in REAL HD utilizing the HD720P recording pinhole lens with NO interpolation. Numerous camera pens available on the market are not a real HD camera and use an process called interpolation to artificially “upscale” a diminished resolution video clip to make it look closer to HD quality. Our spy pen records in REAL HD without any upscaling.



Pixels 1.0M pix CMOS)
Resolution 1280*720p HD
Video format AVI
FPS 30fps
View 72 degrees
Battery capacity 250MA
Video record time 70 minutes
SD Card 32GB externally
Storage per minutes 1GB/15-17min
Charging time 2 hours


NOTE: SD Card is not included. This camera will not function without a Micro SD Memory Card. Because it records in HD video, we recommend a Class 10 Micro SD Card. You may wish to add an SD card to your cart. The larger the SD Card, the more video that can be stored / saved.

Pen Spy Camera 720p HD

SD Card