Our Newest Spy Voice Recorder! It is a functional LED flashlight. No suspicious buttons or markings! Huge Battery with 500 Day Standby! Files can only be accessed with our proprietary USB Cable adding an extra layer of security! Also has 3 strong magnets so it's perfect under a bed or in a vehicle! Sound activated!


Portable Small LED Flashlight Spy Voice Recorder
Spy design, no labels or marks on the device to indicate it is a recorder
Super Magnets built-in; Easily attaches under car seat, chair, bed or metal desk
Long battery life (supports 175 hours continuous voice recording or up to 2 months  in-car recording (working 3 hours per day);
Automatically activates when it detects sound, and goes to standby when silent;
3200mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery;
8G Built-In memory hold nearly 200 hours of files;
Encrypted Privacy protection, only our original cable can read the recorded files for added security

LED Flashlight Hidden Voice Recorder - Magnetic

$189.00 Regular Price
$129.00Sale Price