The RD-10 Bug and Hidden Camera Detector helps you locate hidden cameras and RF transmitters using visual and signal detection methods. you may also like the RD-30  hardwired camera detector. The main difference between the rd-10 and the rd-30 is that the RD-30 has a built in hard wired camera detector.

The main

  • Will Detect Transmitters In the 20 MHz to 60 Hz Range
  • Detects Pinhole Cameras With Right LED Light Concentration
  • Detects RF, GPS, GSM Audio Bugs, Open Line Cell Signals
  • 10 Level Signal Strength Meter For Signal Detection
  • Telescopic Antenna Helps in Narrowing down Hard-To-Find Signals
  • 3" x 1.75" X 0.5” Super Small Size

Detect hidden cameras that use pinhole lenses with the RD10’s super bright and focused LED array. Simply choose steady or flashing mode while looking through the red viewfinder as you sweep the room.When you see a focused flash of light it could indicate the presence of a hidden camera.

The RF detector senses signals in the 20 MHz to 6 GHz range. This covers a major portion of the frequencies that most common wireless transmitters use. A sensitivity level helps sweep the area for RF transmitters.

Lawmate RD-10 Bug Detector


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