The iRecovery Stick (iRS) v5.4 is a thumb-drive USB device, about the size of a stick of gum, that will help you recover deleted data from the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch device directly or from the iPhone back-up files. All iPhone OS versions are supported including 1.x-11. Click here to check compatibility with your device.




Simply connect the iPhone to any PC with your charger cable the iRS and then connect the stick to the same computer through a USB port.


Please Note: Also, you must have the PIN and iTunes backup password for locked phones before performing a recovery.

Recover deleted data from the phone:



Call History


Calendar Entries


Safari Bookmarks

Recently Deleted Photos


Recover Deleted Data from these apps: Chrome, Gmail, Jott Messenger, Whatsapp, KIK, Whisper, Evernote,



-Works on iPhones, iPads, and iTouch devices running iOS 13.x and below

-System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows

-101.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

-Compatible Data Cable Required

Before You Buy

iRecovery Stick - iPhone / iPad