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Years ago, some of the "old-timers" as a type of "self-defense" precaution, would walk with their car keys in their dominant hand, and with a key sticking out between the first finger and middle finger, and another key sticking out between the middle finger and the ring finger. The thought was, that if someone "messed with them," then they could jab the thug in the face, with the keys protruding, and YIKES, that would hurt!Today, thanks to modern technology, there is something much better and much more effective. You can quietly carry the Heart Attack on your keychain and be ready to protect yourself anytime. The Heart Attack is small (3 1/2" x 2") piece of extremely hard and durable, "space-age" plastic, and it’s "just an innocent keychain" if anyone asks. When needed, for self-defense, you simply hold it between your fingers and punch! Attackers beware! This will certainly hurt them, and ruin their day, and without being too graphic, you can picture the possibilities!The beauty o

"Heart Attack" Key Chain