Our HD Ballpoint Pen Covert Recorder  has the following special features and is the only specialized audio recorder pen on market. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE AUDIO


1.Unlike other pen recorders with 4 or 5 keys on pen body, it has zero external keys on pen body.
2.Unlike other pen recorders with external LED lights on pen body, it has zero external  lights on pen body.
So you can write with it as a normal ballpoint pen while recording and nobody will recognize this is a recording pen.
3. The built-in Mic is high quality and sensitive, it has the best sound recording quality (very clear recording) and could clearly record sound 10 meters away
4. Elegant looking, super thin, largest diameter is only 12.8mm
5. When the pen is turned on,it goes straight into standby voice record mode
6.Recording could be saved in  WAV format


Recording format: WAV
Speed: 192 KBPS
Battery capacity: 120MAH
Recording time: 20 hours

HD Ballpoint Pen Voice Recorder