The new Haze Pro Tactical Smoke Grenade generates a massive 40,000 cubic feet of smoke. It can be utilized for law enforcement and firefighting training scenarios, leak detection, airflow studies, smoke screens, war games, etc. The Haze Pro is a quality USA-made professional product, and is classified as both non-Hazmat and non-explosive. This compact (only 4 inches long) unit is engineered to achieve a rapid emission of smoke (all 40,000 cubic feet of smoke is emitted in about 100 seconds). For increased reliability and safety, the smoke emits from the ends rather than the side. Smoke color: white/gray. Fuse delay: approx. 10 seconds. TOP (total obscuring power) rating: 2100. Size: 1.5″ diameter x 4″ length. Weight: 4.7 oz. Use with caution and discretion. Shipped to US addresses only.

Great for War Games, Paintball Matches, Halloween, etc...

Haze Pro Smoke Grenade


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