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Imagine the possibilities of where this can be placed!! Perfect for Private Investigators and Law Enforcement Investigations. Inside or Outside...Hotels, Offices, Homes, Businesses, etc.... This covert Fire Alarm Hidden Full HD Camera sports one of the best quality 1080P HD Wi-Fi camera lenses on the market. Includes a 3000mAh Battery for 6-8 hours of recording time.  With the Wi-Fi Feature, you can access the camera and recordings from anywhere in the world on your smartphone. 


Records the evidence on a Micro SD card up to 64GB! This camera blends in anywhere. Designed to be quickly deployed using simple 3M style picture hanging strips or use the screw mount for a more permanent installation. Completely self-contained! 

Imagine this scenario: A P.I. needs to document comings and goings from a hotel room. The P.I. can't very well linger around the hallway looking suspicious. Instead, place the Fire Alarm Camera at the end of the hallway and watch the action in real-time from the privacy of a hotel room on the same floor. 




1800 Mega CMOS

Resolution Ratio


Video Format


Frame Rate


Angle of View

90 degrees

Motion Detection Camera Shooting

Straight line 20 feet

Minimal Illumination


Battery Capacity


Video Duration

6-8 Hours

Compressed Format


Recording Range




Storage Temperature

-20-80 degree centigrade

Operating Temperature

-10-60 degree centigrade

Operation Humidity


Memory Card Type

Micro SD card

Maximum capacity of SD card


Player Software


Computer Operating System

Windows/Mac OS X

Mobile Phone Operating System


Web browser

IE7 and above,chrome,firefox safari.etc

Number of Viewers at once




NOTE: SD Card is not included. This camera will not function without a Micro SD Memory Card. Because it records in HD video, we recommend a Class 10 Micro SD Card. You may wish to add an SD card at checkout. The larger the SD Card, the more video that can be stored / saved. We only provide high quality Class 10 SD Cards.

Fire Alarm Hidden Camera Wi-Fi - 1080P