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The Escape & Survival Module was developed for an elite US military unit, but it also can be a lifesaving device for those who travel in harm’s way or in dangerous regions. This kit provides effective tools to enable escape from captivity and subsequent survival. It's all contained in a special o-ring sealed module which was designed to provide maximum concealment options when capture is imminent.


Despite its small size, it includes all of the following components: 4 lock picks, "bend-to-fit" tension wrench, handcuff key, 2 styles of lock shims, Kevlar® escape saw, diamond rod saw, ferrocerium fire rod, 3 waxed jute fire starters, and ceramic razor blade. Even the module itself is a working component – it's milled from magnesium and can be shaved down with the back edge of the ceramic razor blade for fire starting. Also included is a small packet of petrolatum (does not fit inside the module), for uses that include first aid, fire accelerant, etc.


Government contract over-runs, so quantities are very limited. Dimensions and weight (w/o petrolatum packet):  3.2” length x 0.7” diameter, 1.1 oz.

Escape & Survival Module