The Covert USB Voice Recorder is a compact, discreet audio recorder that looks and works like a normal USB flash drive. You can plug it into your computer or carry it around in your pocket and no one will know that you’re recording audio. It captures voices clearly within a 30-foot radius, making it easy to record lectures, meetings, and interviews at the office or live events on the go. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE AUDIO


Perfect for: Covert portable Audio recording
Excellent Quality Audio Recording
288 Hours of Recording Storage
24 Hour Continuous Recording Battery Life
Covert Recorder: Disguised as Flash Drive
25 Day Standby Time on Sound Activated Mode
Data and Time Stamping


Memory: 8GB
Recording Time: 288 hrs
Battery Life: 24 Hrs
Standby Time: 25 Days
Charging Time: 3 hrs
Size: 68 x 10.5 x 20 mm
Weight: 13.2g


Windows and Mac Compatible
Setting Time & Date Stamp can only be performed using a Windows OS

Covert USB Recorder - 25 Day Standby