• Recover deleted texts, pictures, call history, & more
  • Get all current texts, pictures, videos, histories
  • You’ll get around 3-6 months of deleted data
  • Works on the vast majority of Android phones
  • Very simple to use, doesn’t require any knowledge


Find Out What’s Been Deleted From An Android - HOW TO VIDEO


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Android phones make up over 50% of the smartphones in the world, and they’re used for pretty much everything these days. You can browse the Internet, send messages and pictures, and connect to the rest of the world. Sometimes things like texts, photos, and web history get deleted.

If you have an Android phone and need to recover information from it, the Android Recovery Stick is what you’re looking for. Using your computer and the recovery stick, you’ll be able to get deleted text messages, photos and more. And since the average user’s able to go back 3-6 months, it’s very likely you’ll get the info you’re looking for.

The Android Recovery Stick captures:

  • Saved text messages
  • Saved photos
  • Saved videos
  • Call history
  • Web history
  • Contact list

It can also recover deleted data:

  • Deleted text messages
  • Deleted photos
  • Deleted web history
  • Deleted call history

No Tech Experience Necessary

To get the info you need, plug the Android phone into your PC, run the recovery program, and it’ll scan the entire phone. It’s incredibly simple to operate, and it doesn’t leave any sign that the phone was scanned. It can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on how full the hard drive on the phone is.

Typical users get somewhere between 3-6 months, but we’ve met people who were able to go back well over a year.

The data recovered is organized neatly so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. If you only want to see deleted texts, click on the ‘Recovered Texts’ image. If you decide you want to see web history or videos, click on the ‘Web History’ or ‘Media’ icons. It’s pretty self-explanatory once you open the software, but you can always let us know if you have questions.

If you need to save that data for later, you can export it to a spreadsheet, print it out, or mail it to yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of tech experience to use this software.


How Does It Get Deleted Info?

Basically, when you delete something from your Android, it isn’t truly deleted. It’s still on there, it's just hidden from your view. It’s kind of like when you move a file from your PC into the Recycle Bin - it’s not really deleted, because you can get it back if you want.

So, imagine you have an Android with 10GB of memory, but you’re only using 3GB. You could actually have up to 7GB of deleted data on the phone that you didn’t know about - and that’s a huge amount of texts and photos. Even 1GB of information is a lot.

One last thing - please be aware that recovering deleted info is extremely hard. You’ll get everything currently on the phone, plus deleted data, but we can’t guarantee that the deleted data you get is what you were looking for.

The recovery program is your best attempt to get the deleted info you need, but because of how difficult this is, we can’t offer a guarantee that you’ll get that specific photo or text you want.


  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Data Cable Required



Android Phone Recovery Stick