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The booby-trap Alarm Signaling Device can alert you when trespassers are on your property. This versatile, re-usable trip-line activated perimeter security device can be deployed across paths and entry zones, attached to doors, gates, etc. When tripped, it fires a standard 209 shot shell primer. (Not included, but available HERE.) If deploying in wet or humid conditions, its best to seal the primer using clear nail polish. Trip line is not included and is sold separately; we recommend our Ballistic Trip Line. Also available is the Primer Caddy which holds 10 primers and attaches to the Ballistic Trip Line™. The Alarm Signaling Device includes instructions, safety and activator pins, and mounting hardware. Color: black. Weight: 1.3 oz. Solidly constructed from machined aluminum and steel. Made in USA by FITH Ops.


Warnings: For outdoor use only, keep away from flammable materials, use with caution. Don't be an idiot.

Alarm Signaling Device - Booby Trap Alarm