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553 Ballough Road

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

(386) 310-4812

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Real Spy Gadgets, WiFi Security Cameras & Hidden Cameras

The Daytona Spy Shop offers a High Quality selection of spy gear and spy equipment including video surveillance equipment, audio surveillance equipment, telephone surveillance equipment, wi-fi surveillance equipment, anti-theft surveillance equipment, workplace surveillance equipment, and bug detectors / counter-surveillance equipment at the most affordable prices around! We also offer hidden cameras, spy cameras and covert WiFi cameras, Nanny Cameras and disguised audio recorders, hidden cameras for private investigators. We have do-it-yourself home security camera kits! Perfect for the home or office! Also, be sure to check out our Ultraviolet Thief Detection gear and Exotic Spy Gadgets. Our spy gear products, surveillance equipment, and spy gadget equipment is designed for quick set-up and ease-of-use by individuals & businesses. We also specialize in making unmanned surveillance cameras for private investigators and police agencies! We provide High Quality Hidden Cameras and Hidden Voice Recorders...not the cheap products from China that you find on eBay and Amazon.

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